About Us - Hyperlend Car Title Loans


The team at Hyperlend values our relationship with all our customers, current and past. Even if we can't help you with a car title loan, we'll gladly answer any questions and point you in the right direction if we feel another financial product is the best option for you!


Our Lending Mission & Company Core Values

Applying for car title loans with our company is easy. To qualify, you'll need a vehicle that's paid off. This means you can't have any outstanding liens or other debt obligations attached to the title. Most borrowers can qualify with a newer model vehicle that has low mileage. Sometimes, you may need to provide qualifying paperwork to the underwriting department. This can include employment verification information such as your most recent pay stub and job salary history. Besides those requirements, when we check your vehicle history and employment timeframe, you likely won't need to submit much more information.

Unlike other types of short-term loans, a car title loan uses the equity in your vehicle as collateral. That means a lender will often overlook your bad credit and past payment history, often disqualifying you from personal loans.


The Services We Provide

Hyperlend is committed to offering the best title loan services for anyone who has equity in a paid off vehicle that can be titled. This doesn't mean we only help people to cash out equity from their cars and trucks! Hyperlend also offers semi truck title loans, loans on salvage vehicles, registration loans, and we may be able to refinance your existing title loan. In addition to car title loans, we provide services where you can qualify for an installment loan or more traditional personal loans. This gives you more options besides a typical title loan. 


Hyperlend's Commitment To Our Customers

With any secured loan offer, it's best to research and decide on the company you will work with. Not all title loan companies offer reasonable interest rates, and it's best to find a lender who knows the lending regulations in your state. Hyperlend is here to get you cash for your vehicle, and we'll process your application as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call us at 800-971-3022 to see how much your vehicle is worth and what you can borrow with a title loan.

We are a leading provider of title lending services with locations throughout the US.