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Apply with Hyperlend to cash out equity from your car or truck. We offer fast approval vehicle title loans where you don't need good credit. Borrow $2,000 or more with a title loan in Ohio!

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Apply For A Car Title Loan In Ohio With Hyperlend! 

Are you looking for a loan that lets you use a paid off vehicle as collateral? At Hyperlend, we offer access to car title loans that don't rely on your credit history and most customers can get approved in 24 hours or less. Borrow 45% to 65% of your vehicle's value and most 2012 and newer cars can qualify. These loans are perfect for anyone in Dayton, Akron, or other parts of Ohio where you can pick up funds in person immediately after a vehicle inspection! Call Hyperlend or apply online to see the title loan value of your vehicle!

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Hyperlend can take your application online and all we need is vehicle info and contact details to get you a quote.

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Submit Your Vehicle Info And Contact Information To Get A Quick Quote

It doesn't take much to underwrite your application. Send us your car's title and proof of income to qualify.

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Customers can have cash sent to their bank or pick up their loan proceeds at any lending location in Ohio!

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Keep Driving Your Car As The Loan Payments Are Made On Time

Don't hand over the keys to your car or truck for a title pawn! Title loans in ohio allow you to keep your keys.

Recent Loan Amounts In OH

Our customers have been approved for the following loan amounts over the past 2 months:

  • $3,470 for a 2009 Mercedes SLK!
  • $5,084 for a 2019 GMC Savana!
  • $8,700 for a 2020 Ford F-150!


A title loan is a great way to borrow money when you can't qualify for a traditional personal loan. Title loans use the equity from a vehicle as collateral for a loan amount that ranges from $1,000 to $20,000 in Ohio and credit often isn't a factor during underwriting. Instead of looking at someone's FICO score, the main underwriting requirement is having a vehicle that's paid off. The loan is paid off over 12 to 60 months and many customers will pay off their loan early with no pre-payment penalty. Your lender holds the car's title as security, and you get the pink slip back after the loan balance is paid off. Find out more about how car title loans work by calling Hyperlend at 800-971-3022!

Features Of A Hyperlend Car Title Loan In Ohio

Expect to be approved quickly for a title loan if you have all the required documents

Fast Approval

A title loan can be approved in minutes if we know your car's value and requested loan amount. Apply today to get a same day loan approval from Hyperlend.

interest rates on a title loan are comparable to other short term loan offers

Fair Interest Rates

Title loans interest rates are high as most lenders don't check credit and instead rely on the equity in your vehicle. However, these interest rates are typically lower than those from payday loans and installment loans.

You have more than one way to get the money from your title loan

Multiple Repayment Terms

Take your time in repaying a title loan or pay down the balance within the first couple months. It's up to you on how quick to repay your loan!

Expect to be approved quickly for a title loan if you have all the required documents

Quick Underwriting

Apply with Hyperlend to get a quick underwriting decision with an online title loan in Ohio. All we need is a paid off vehicle title, income verification and a vehicle inspection to get a loan approved and funded.

interest rates on a title loan are comparable to other short term loan offers

Helpful Customer Service

Hyperlend has offices throughout the country and our agents can help anyone in Ohio. Call us at 800-971-3022 or chat with us online to get help!

You have more than one way to get the money from your title loan

Multiple Options To Get Your Cash

Do you need cash for an urgent expense today? Hyperlend works with companies in Columbus, Toledo and other parts of Ohio that provide same day cash!

Questions About Hyperlend Title Loans


How To Get Car Title Loans In OH & How Much Equity Do I Need

Car title loans have been popular in the State of Ohio for years. Many people now realize they can tap into their vehicle equity and use that collateral as security for a loan. But what payment terms and APR should they expect with a loan? And who are the best lenders in Ohio? Let's break down those questions and help you to find the best terms for your situation!

When you borrow cash with an auto title loan, the lender will place a lien on your car. If you default on the loan, they can repossess your vehicle. The funding with online car title loans is based on the vehicle's current value and whether enough equity is available to back up the loan amount.

Direct lenders will lend up to 60% of your car's resale value in Ohio. Newer vehicles will often get you a higher loan amount and some companies will offer cash for cars with salvage titles.


Find An Ohio Title Loan Company

When you decide to go with a car title loan in Ohio, you must determine how you want to apply and then find the best lender for what you need. Some people prefer to apply online, and that's quicker than looking for local lenders in Cleveland or Columbus. You can get pre-qualified with most lenders by simply filling out a short form online, and then you'll need to do a quick vehicle inspection and sign off on the lending contract.

If you apply online, we recommend starting here with Hyperlend. We work with licensed Ohio finance companies that work with consumers online and in person. By doing you get the best of both worlds, as you can apply entirely online and then pick up your loan proceeds with a neighborhood finance lender in cities such as Cincinnati or Dayton!

Applying for an auto title loan in person is another option, and some lenders will ask to meet directly with their borrowers before handing over cash. We recommend calling different lenders in your area and asking about their requirements. You may need to bring some documents and paperwork when you apply, such as proof of income or residency, so be sure to ask about that too!


Loans in Ohio with Hyperlend


 Title Loans With Bad Credit In Ohio

Ohio is in the middle of all states when you compare the average credit scores of its residents. But, even with that, many people are struggling with past due bills and other issues. These credit issues can make getting approved for loans with banks or personal loan lenders near impossible.

This is where getting a car title loan comes in. These loans are much easier to approve because they use your car equity as collateral instead of your credit score. So, even with bad credit or no recent credit history, you could still qualify for a car collateral loan or commercial truck title loan!

You should have no trouble getting quick loan approval if you have a decent amount of untapped equity in your vehicle. Our loan underwriters are skilled at processing your loan documents, and we can get you funded instantly, even if you have a bad credit rating!


Hyperlend Car Title Loans: The Best Option For Ohio Residents?

If you're looking for guaranteed approval title loans without a car or inspection requirement, look no further than Hyperlend! We are a leading broker of online title loans and will work to get the best possible secured loan for your needs.

Call 800-971-3022 or apply online for cash for your car's equity with a car title loan in OH!


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