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How Do Semi Truck Title Loans Work

Commercial truck title loans are secured lending options that are available if you’re a semi-driver and own your rig! Consider a semi truck title loan to get a loan if you’re an independent contractor or owner-operator. These loans are ideal for drivers with a fully paid off commercial truck and you can typically borrow $5,000 with just the equity in your truck!

These are title loans that use your fully paid-off commercial truck as collateral. Your loan amount is based on the truck’s value, and you can expect to receive an approval within 24 hours!

To qualify for a semi truck title loan with Hyperlend, you must must provide proof of income and ownership of the vehicle. Do you have bad credit? No problem! Semi truck title lenders generally don’t check your credit score; they primarily look at the condition and value of your truck.

What types of semi trucks qualify? Semi trucks from makers such as Freightliner, Kenworth, International, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack Trucks, Western Star, and more can qualify for a loan. Your commercial vehicle needs to be registered in your name and the rig must be free of any liens or judgments.


What Do I Need To Get A Semi Truck Title Loan

These loans operate much the same as a car title loan. You need to own the truck and it needs to be free of liens. Besides the pink slip, you will need proof of income, insurance, and residency. The lender will also want to verify that the truck is currently licensed, registered and operational. Most companies will also ask for photos of the VIN, Odometer, and 4 to 5 pictures of the inside and outside of the truck,

In summary, semi truck title loans are ideal for independent contractors or owner-operators who have fully paid off commercial vehicles and need cash fast with bad credit. With the right loan provider, you can get your hands on some extra cash when traditional lenders won’t even talk to you!


an 18 wheeler that qualifies for a title loan online.


Big Truck Title Loans With Bad Credit

Yes, getting a semi truck title loan with bad credit is possible! While some lenders may require a credit check, most companies don’t require a check of your credit score!

Semi truck title loans depend more on the collateral in your big rig instead of your FICO score. That equity will be used to secure the loan and protect the lender from any defaults. So even if you have bad credit, getting a truck title loan with Hyperlend is still an option!

Consider applying for a commercial vehicle title loan with Hyperlend. With these secured loans, collateral in your big rig will help you get approved even with bad credit! Do your research and find a reputable lender before signing any agreement. 


Can I Be Approved If My Truck Is In The Shop Or Has Broken Down

Hyperlend can get you fast approval for a commercial truck title loan even if your truck is in a repair shop or needs work. We work with companies that can get you access to cash for repair financing and these funds can be used to get your rig back on the road. As long as the truck can be inspected and pictures were taken upon loan approval, you can still qualify for an auto title loan even if it’s not currently running.


What Types Of Trucks Can Qualify for A Title Loan

Any commercial truck, semi truck, big rig, and car hauler qualify. In some cases, we can also provide equity financing for dump trucks, trailers, box trucks and many other types of trucks that aren’t as common. Bottom line, most commercial trucks that have equity can qualify for an instant cash title loan. The truck needs to be in good condition, and you must have the title in hand as well as valid registration.

We also offer refinancing options for your commercial truck if you have a title loan with another lender. Bring down your high interest rate or get a better payoff term to pay down the balance quickly. An auto title loan refinance can greatly improve your lending terms or cash out more equity to get money fast. Some of our lenders can provide funds in as little as 24 hours and a refinance can be processed even quicker! So don’t worry – Hyperlend is here to help you get the cash you need no matter your vehicle type or financial situation. Contact us today for more information about how you can qualify for a commercial truck title loan with bad credit!