Refinance Your Car Title Loan With Hyperlend


We are proud to offer a car title loan refinance option for those who want to get out of a loan with a previous company. With Hyperlend you can lower the rate and improve the payoff terms for your existing title loan. Most borrowers can quickly qualify for a refi as the amount you’re currently paying is likely higher than the refinance rate. The typical approval and funding timeline is fast as well as most of the vehicle information has already been provided to your original lender.


Can I Refinance My Existing Title Loan?

If you have an existing title loan, refinancing may be a good option. To find out if a refi is right for your situation, answer the following questions:

1) Are you making your current payments on time for your vehicle or semi truck title loan?

2) Is your vehicle title free and clear of all other liens and payment obligations?

3) Have you paid more than half of the loan amount borrowed?

4) Do you have at least 4 months left before it expires? Some title loan lenders in Ohio and other states will offer a refi with even fewer months outstanding.

If you answered yes to ALL these questions, then refinancing may be right for you. It’s essential that your car title is not being used as collateral against any other outstanding online title loans or lines of credit, since title lenders will not be able to redo or access the current vehicle title. Also, the vehicle must be in the same condition as when it was first valued during the inspection.


What Is Required To Refinance A Title Loan

The most important documents you need to refinance your online car title loan are the title and current finance contract. You will also need to provide proof of residence (two pieces), a valid state-issued ID, your photocopy, and possibly even a copy of the title insurance policy depending on which title lender you work with. If you can’t provide all of these documents, they might be able to verify any of them electronically. Even though you already supplied these when you first got the loan, we’ll still need to verify and update the current information and also make sure you qualify for new lending terms based on the title loan requirements in your state.


How Long Does It Take To Complete the Refinance

The timeframe to finish the title loan refinance with Hyperlend is much quicker compared to when you first applied for an online title loan. We’ll need to process the application, check your title for liens, and other issues that could delay the title handover, contact your lienholder if required, processing time depends on how quickly you have this information ready. It’s not uncommon to see funding for online title loans within 24-48 hours. Refinancing can be done in a quicker amount of time. We’ve seen some loans complete the entire refi process in less than half of a day!


How Can I Refinance My Title Loan With Hyperlend?

The title loan refinancing process is much like what you’re already used to with our title loans. The only difference is that now it will be a different amount and sometimes even an other term length! Before applying for a refi you need to stay current on the existing loan payments. The last thing you want is to default on your title loan as that can cause you to be ineligible for any future offers.

If you’re interested in title loan refinancing, simply click the apply now button, complete the secure online form, submit any requested documents electronically or via fax ( available), and let us contact you to determine if you qualify for a title loan refinance.

Contact your lender and see if they will bring down your loan APR and payoff amount.