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Apply today to borrow $2,500 or more without a standard credit check. Our car title loans don't require good credit and most paid off vehicle's valued at $5,000 or more will qualify!

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Apply For A Car Title Loan In Rancho Cucamonga With Hyperlend! 

Are you a California resident looking to borrow $2,500 or more? Hyperlend now offers fast approval title loans in Rancho Cucamonga and you can get approved and funded in less than 24 hours! A title loan uses the equity from your vehicle as security and the more your car or truck is worth, the more you can borrow. Vehicle's valued at $12,000 can lead to a loan amount of $6,000 and some customers can qualify using a motorcycle or semi truck as collateral. Why not find out how much you can borrow and what terms to expect with a title loan in Rancho Cucamonga? Call Hyperlend at 800-971-3022 or apply online to get a same day quote!

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We can get you a quick quote in just minutes. All we need is your vehicle info and contact details!

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Make your payments on time each month and you will keep the keys to your vehicle.

Recent Loan Amounts In Rancho Cucamonga

Our customers have been approved for the following loan amounts over the past 6 months:

  • $3,760 for a 2014 Infiniti Q50!
  • $4,110 for a 2019 Honda Pilot!
  • $7,649 for a 2020 Audi Q5!


We understand that it's hard to find a lender that offers bad credit title loans. Even with the ones that do, you're often limited to borrowing $500 or less. Here at Hyperlend, we offer car title loans that don't require a standard credit check! Many of our customers in Rancho Cucamonga who get approved for a title loan have recent loan defaults or past vehicle repossessions and all that doesn't matter! What matters is that they have equity in their vehicle and that's why the most important requirement for a title loan is that you have a lien free car or truck that's registered in your name. Call Hyperlend at 800-971-3022 to see how much money you can get for your car's title today!

Features Of A Hyperlend Car Title Loan In Rancho Cucamonga

Expect to be approved quickly for a title loan if you have all the required documents

Fast Approval For Car Title Loans

Get your funds in 24 hours or less when you apply online with Hyperlend. There's no need to wait for your vehicle to be inspected when you work with a California title loan company.

interest rates on a title loan are comparable to other short term loan offers

Fair Interest Rates

Your interest rate is determined by state regulations and vehicle resale value. Here in CA, most title loan interest rates max out at 36%.

You have more than one way to get the money from your title loan

Multiple Repayment Terms

Repay your loan in 12 to 48 months and set a monthly payment amount that works for your budget.

Expect to be approved quickly for a title loan if you have all the required documents

Quick Underwriting

Hyperlend can process and underwrite your title loan in just a few hours. Send us your car's title, proof of income and other documents to get an instant lending quote.

interest rates on a title loan are comparable to other short term loan offers

Helpful Customer Service

Hyperlend offers car title loans in Rancho Cucamonga, and you can meet with us at locations through CA!

You have more than one way to get the money from your title loan

Multiple Options To Get Your Cash

Your loan proceeds can hit your bank account within one business day. You can also chose to pick up cash from a licensed lender in Rancho Cucamonga after approval.

Questions About Hyperlend Title Loans



What's Required To Get A Title Loan In Rancho Cucamonga?

1) Proof of CA Residency - We need a driver's license or utility bill as anyone looking for a title loan in CA must be a state resident. In most cases, getting this document should be quick and painless!

2) Proof of Income - lenders want to see that you have verifiable income each month, which can come in pay stubs, tax returns, or bank statements. They don't need proof from all three, but two will suffice.

3) Proof Of Vehicle Ownership -
You need a paid off and lien free car to qualify for a title loan. The car's title has to show you as the only owner and you will sign over the title to your lender

4) Vehicle Insurance & Up To Date Registration - All cars and trucks used as collateral must be registered with the CA DMV and have comprehensive insurance coverage.

Rancho Cucamonga is one of many cities in San Bernardino County, and while it's not a large city, we hear from residents all the time looking for car title loans. These loans are ideal for customers with poor credit as your car's
collateral gets you approved, not your credit history! Anyone with a lien free vehicle can use the equity in the car to get an instant approval title loan.



Title Loan Funding Amounts

We offer access to same day title loans in Rancho Cucamonga with loan amounts of $2,000 or more. The average funding amount is around $4,000; some companies can offer $10,000 loans for vehicles with very low mileage. Your loan amount
entirely depends on the collateral from your car and lenders will let you borrow 40% or more of the vehicle's value.



Get Approved For A Same Day Title Loan in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

It's pretty simple - we have a network of auto title loan lenders in Rancho Cucamonga, and they compete for your business by offering the best title loan quotes and funding terms. By filling out the Hyperlend online application, you can
get multiple offers with different interest rates! We don't need any personal information about yourself besides what's required for the online application, and once completed, we'll send out all of the info on your side and let you
decide! If, by chance, you have questions before completing the online form, then our support team is standing by to answer them!



What Types Of Vehicles Qualify For Car Title Loans In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We're able to lend using just about any vehicle you own. If your car is paid off, or close to being paid off, we can use it as collateral for a new loan! You don't have to feel bad that your car has value or that you need extra money
because it doesn't meet the standards on quality (we could care less if it's an older vehicle that barely runs!) - regardless of what you have and how much equity is in it - we will be able to find a lender who is looking for borrowers
like you in Southern California!

Remember, even though you want a title loan online in Rancho Cucamonga, that doesn't mean another title loan lender can't approve you in Riverside or San Bernardino. Many companies can work with customers throughout CA and will gladly
finance a secured loan using your car, semi truck, or motorcycle!

Call Hyperlend at 800-971-3022 or apply online to get a same day title loan!