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Apply online to get a same day cash title loan in San Diego. You don't need good credit to borrow $3,000 or more! Most applicants can be approved with just a paid off vehicle and proof of income.

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Auto Title Loans In San Diego

Hyperlend can help anyone in San Diego looking to access the equity in the vehicle. These online title loans allow you to use a paid off vehicle as collateral for a title loan without requiring excellent credit. Some customers can even qualify with a FICO score of 600 or lower! You can borrow $5,000 or more; some lenders will offer cash the same day you apply!


Requirements For San Diego Title Loans

Hyperlend offers access to title loans in SD and other than a paid off vehicle, you don't need much to be approved! Here's what you need to qualify:


  • A clear title for your car or SUV. The vehicle must be in your name with no other lienholders or cosigners.
  • Proof of income showing at least three months' worth of regular payments (paycheck stubs or copies of bank statements). If you are self-employed, we can also use bookkeeping records or verification from your bank.
  • Proof of insurance that covers your vehicle in case it's ever wrecked or stolen. 
  • Valid registration documents from California DMV.


It only takes a few minutes to apply with Hyperlend, and there's no obligation after submitting an online request for a same day equity lending estimate.


Bad Credit With A San Diego Title Loan

Bad credit will often lead to a swift denial for a personal loan. But what about a car title loan? It turns out that most title loan companies don't even check your credit history! They're more interested in your vehicle's value and that equity determines your loan amount, not your FICO score. Remember, California title loans are possible for anyone with a credit score under 600. All we need to see is equity in your vehicle with the ability for you to repay the loan.


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Find The Vehicle's Title Loan Value In San Diego

Apply online with Hyperlend and we can quickly estimate your vehicle's value and how much that will get you with a title loan.

Your vehicle's title loan value is determined by the car's or truck's make and model and the current odometer reading. An older vehicle with high miles will generally lead to a lower loan amount, and those with low miles will bring in a higher value. Title loan companies in San Diego typically offer $2,500 or more for a loan, with some firms providing cash loans of $15,000 for vehicles worth more than $35,000.


Why Apply With Hyperlend

Borrowers apply with Hyperlend because they know we will do what it takes to get their loan approved in the quickest amount of time possible. While we won't fund your loan, we work with licensed lenders in San Diego that can offer you the highest amount for your vehicle. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider applying with our company:

-We offer multiple ways to ensure you receive the fairest interest rate for your loan. Here in San Diego, it pays to shop for the best APR, and Hyperlend does everything for you. Our partnership of local lenders compete against each other, and we work for you to provide a handful of different rates and payment terms.

- There is no penalty for early repayment with our same day title loans. Applicants in Coronado or La Jolla can repay their loan anytime early payoff charges!


Hyperlend Title Loans In San Diego

It doesn't matter what vehicle you own; as long as it's paid off and in your name, Hyperlend can help you! It takes less than 30 minutes to complete your online application, and after that, we'll set up a time to inspect your vehicle and have you sign off on the loan documents.

Our team is ready to help with any questions when you apply for a Hyperlend online title loan. Start your application online or call 1-800-971-3022 now!